Energy Products

Blue Nano Energy Products are specifically-engineered nano-powered products that fit current production methodologies and provide substantial performance and cost benefits.

Solar Cell
SLR-160 Solar Panel Conductive Film

Blue Nano’s proprietary SLR-160 conductive film allows for up to 38% greater efficiency due to light trapping and conductivity gains. The SLR-160 can be applied to most types of solar cells including thin-film photovoltaic, crystalline silicon photovoltaic, and concentrator solar panels. The SLR-160 is deposited onto the emitter surface during normal solar cell manufacturing processes.

Lithium Ion Battery
BTY-175 Lithium Ion Battery Conductive Additive

Blue Nano’s BTY-175 is a proprietary blend of carbon nanomaterials designed specifically to extend the life of lithium ion batteries. It features proprietary granular conductive additives to maintain dispersion, increase durability and improve discharge capacity. This plug-and-play additive replaces the use of pure carbon black as the leading anode and cathode material for lithium-ion batteries, offering up to a 4x improvement in durability.

Fuel Cell Stack
Fuel Cell Catalyst

Blue Nano’s porous catalyst technology increases reactive surface area, minimizing expensive material usage and increasing power density for both fuel cells and other chemical catalysts. Reducing Pt loading by up to 99% and simultaneously increasing the power density by up to 77%, this catalyst far exceeds any current market offering at dramatically lower cost due to lower material and processing costs.