Noble Nanoporous

Noble metal nanoporous film / powder


Blue Nano's noble nanoporous film technology provides increased specific surface area over other noble metal nanomaterials, up to 30 square meters per gram. Our nanoporous structure can be created with noble metals in sheet or dispersed powder form. Pore size can be varied. The nanoporous structure can be optionally coated with a layer of another noble metal of nanometer-scale thickness for added functionality or reduced cost and/or bound to a substrate for support and ease of handling.


Noble nanoporous films can be applied as:


  • Fuel cell catalysts
  • Electrochemical sensor electrodes
  • Supercapacitor electrodes
  • Transducers in actuators
  • Transducers in electrochemical sensors
  • Transducers in sensors based on surface Plasmon resonance
  • Catalysts in low temperature (below 200 C) chemical processes
  • Low temperature heat exchange films


The geometry of the nanoporous structure has a very high surface area to volume ratio.  This property enhances the surface contact and transfer of heat with a fluid medium.  The high surface area to volume ratio leads to surface stresses and strains detectable in the bulk material, giving it the properties of an actuator.  They can also lead to decreases in the activation barriers of surface reactions, drastically increasing the catalytic activity of a material.


Noble metals have high electrical and thermal conductivity.  They are chemically inert, but catalyze a variety of reactions between other materials.


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